REVIEW: BeautyNetKorea

I recently made a purchase on BeautyNetKorea during their New Years sale.

The company is located in South Korea and they sell a variety of Korean branded cosmetics and skin care.Their prices are quite competitive, some items on here are cheaper than other sites that I've come across. They also have 1+1 offers (members only), at first I thought it was buy one get one free, but it's more like you receive a discount if you buy two of the same items.

BeautyNetKorea has a member point program, you earn 3.00 credits (equivalent to $3 USD) for signing up. You earn additional points through purchases, leaving reviews and logging in.  Once you've accumulated 10.00 credits you'll be able to use them.

They offer free shipping, although it's an additional $2.5 USD for registered mail with a tracking number if your purchase is under $50, and complimentary if it's over $50. Expedited shipping is an extra $22 if your purchase is under $200, although it's limited to a number of locations. You also receive free samples with purchases.

To be honest, I'm always a little bit nervous whenever I make my first purchase on any website. I always spend a bit of time reading reviews and other people's experience. I purchased just enough to receive free registered shipping.
I freaked out a bit when didn't see my postcode on the email which confirmed that it's been shipped, (I forgot to type in my suburb but I definitely typed in the postcode) and without the postcode to differentiate it could've gone to either suburb with the same address. But thank god they printed it on the sticker...

Date ordered: 31/12/13
Date shipped: 02/01/13
Date arrived: 13/01/13

Took 2 days to process my order and 7 days of shipping, a total of 9 business days, which is quite good for standard shipping. The estimate on their website is "15–25 days business days from date of payment".

Will I shop on BeautyNetKorea again? Yeah, when they have good sales (I'll probably splurge) or if an item is cheaper on their website. I like any sites that have free shipping!!

Reviews on products coming soon..!


Innisfree: Glossy Lipstick #3, The Face Shop: Face it Moisture fitting primer,  Mizon: Let Me Out Byebye Blackhead, Mizon: Acence Blemish Out Pink Spot.
6 Samples I received, was expecting more of a variety...

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