REVIEW: Oscar Wylee

It goes without saying that I have an incredible unhealthy addiction to buying and collecting glasses. Recently Oscar Wylee had a 2 for 1 sale to celebrate their 1st birthday. I couldn't pass up the chance, plus I love the quality of their frames, had bought 2 pairs in May. (Pretty sure these are my 15th and 16th pair in my collection...)

Oscar Wylee, is an online specs and sunglasses business (with a showroom in Sydney), similarly modelled on the US online business Warby Parker. They offer free home trails, where you can choose any 5 pairs (no sunglasses) for 5 days with a temporary $1 charge to your credit card, or $200 deposit for debt cards. They have virtual try ons as well, if you don't have the patience for the home trials as they have a 30 day return policy. Once you're done with the home trials, just slap on the provided postage sticker and drop it off your nearest post office. Hop back online and order the frames of your desire for $98 including prescription.

Home Trial Order: 6/11/13
Date shipped: 7/11/13
Received: 8/11/13

Express post, had to go pick it up since no one was home during the day. There has been an improvement in their packaging, I don't think their home trial boxes where this heavily branded last time. Oh, no lolly pops this time as well, probably because they'll just melt.

I couldn't decide between the Tabby Tortoise and Obsidian Black Jaqcue frames, Fletcher was an absolute (didn't have enough to buy it last time) and the Xander and Gatsby only looked good in certain angles, considering my face isn't well suited for rectangular frames, although I do own a couple for serious looks.

Date ordered: 11/11/13
Date shipped: 15/11/13
Date arrived:  19/11/13

I received my order within the 10 working days as listed on the site, (6 days yay!) which is amazung when compared to other sites I've ordered from which took more 14 days working days to arrive.


Arrived goodies ~


  1. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog hehe
    Nice review! I'm actually thinking of ordering some of their glasses and love the ones that you picked out! =)

  2. Hi there!
    Thanks, I hope you found it useful. :)
    I think they're still offering 2 for 1, just double check on their Facebook, but it's a pretty good deal haha.

  3. Ive just received my trial today! Gah theyre amazing!! im returning them tmr, how long does it take for the 200 depos to go back in your banks acc? fanks! love your blog X

  4. Hi Tina,
    that's awesome!
    I used a credit card for my trial.
    I think it usually takes 3-5 days once they've received it back, but you should contact them to make sure.
    Thanks for dropping by!