REVIEW: Bespecd

I first heard of Bespecd through Instagram a few months back, they liked and commented on some of my images; I thought it was a bit peculiar at the time and they recently did it again. Now thinking about it, it's quite an interesting and different tactic to lure in new customers.

Like some of the other Australian eyewear retailers they offered free home trails 5 pairs for 5 days including free postage and returns, the only thing is that you need a credit card. Unfortunately, I don't have a credit card so I shot them an email asking if there was a way around it. They quickly replied letting me know that home trails with a debit card is possible, and would require $40 deposit for each pair. (It's only $1 authorisation fee if you have a credit card)
I sent them my request for the pairs I wanted to try, details were exchanged and a week later the frames came.

All the sizings were listed on the website, so I was glad that the cat eye frames were big enough for me. It was tough deciding which one I wanted, I did what anyone else would do, take heaps of selfies and tried them on with different outfits haha.

Returning them was easy peasy, prepaid envelop and a drop to the post office. They let you know once they've received the frames and also reminded me that I get $10 off my first purchase. Say no more. (Pairs are $95) They also do this cool thing were you can donate to a charity (with them footing the bill) when you purchase a pair.

On September 2nd, I placed an order for the Cherry Red Minsk frames and they came on the 17th (about 11 working days) in what you can call the Matryoshka dolls of packaging! My Minsk frames is mostly plastic with plastic encased metal temples. The sizing, name of the frames and country where they're made in are printed on the left temple where as the brand 'BESPECD' is engraved on the right side.

I'm really happy with my purchase, I've had some bad experience with online shopping before. They also gave me a coupon for my next purchase, and their SS'14 collection just came out! I should be saving for my trip...

I, the avid collector of glasses, now have 14 pairs (3 which are broken). You can never have one too many!


Home trail: Midnight black Minsk, Cherry Red Minsk, Midnight black Nara

Bespecd branded parcel
Leather embossed case


Look at that box flex!

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