REVIEW: Fudge Paintbox Pink Moon

I'm having a bit of fun experimenting with a few colours since I have blonde hair now and I thought I would write mini reviews as I go along.

Not so long ago I went through two rounds of bleach and had it dyed a cool ash blonde at my local hairdresser. Since I previously had some dye in my hair, the bleach didn't take much from bottom top layer of my hair, so there's a gradation from roots to ends (a blonde ombre).

(I bought Whiter Shade of Pale after the first round of bleach and thought that it would tone down the brassiness, it was corn coloured, very yellow ugh! It didn't so I waited a week and got a second round of bleach.)

Priceline was having a 25% off sale hair products so I grabbed Pink Moon and Lee Stafford Bleached Blondes purple shampoo (which does a bit of wonders).

Fudge Paintbox Pink Moon
Semi permanent
75 ml
Free from: ammonia and peroxide
Leave on for: 15–30 minutes, check every 5 minutes
Lasts: 3–30 washes
RRP: $19.95

Since Pink Moon is quite a vibrate pink, I mixed it 1:1 with Whiter Shade of Pale so it would be more of a pastel pink and applied it to the ends of my hair.

It's been about a week and a half now and it's fully washed out (I wash my hair every second day). These are great if you don't want to commit to a colour.

The photos below are after two washes.

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