REVIEW: Clalen Iris Soul Brown (1 Day)

While searching for disposable circle lenses, I came across Clalen Iris, they have a range of natural looking lenses in brown and black: Latin, Rhapsody, Soul Brown and Jazz Black. They are daily lenses with UV protection and also endorsed by Suzy (Miss A), which I thought was interesting. They come in boxes of 10 and 30. Playing it safe, I bought a box of 10 (5 pairs) to see how they felt.

INTEROJO Clalen Iris Soul Brown
Life span: 1 Day / Daily
Base curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.2mm
Water content: 55%

Enlargement: 3/5
Natural, slight enlargement, perfect for everyday wear—with or without much makeup.

Colour & Design: 5/5
These one tone lenses are a nice raw umber colour with soft spikes towards the centre allowing them to blend in nicely with your eyes. They're natural against brown eyes and it's only when you're up super close and under bright lighting that someone could guess you're wearing circle lenses.

Comfort: 5/5
As I expected, these daily lenses are super comfortable with the occasional rewetting.

Overal: 4.5/5
These lenses are quite convenient for travelling, staying out or over night as there isn't a need to carry around contact lens cases and solution. However these lenses are more expensive than your weekly/monthly/yearly lenses. The 10 pack was roughly $11 USD when I purchased them which works out to be $2.20 a pair/a day.

No lens


Daylight (window)

Indoor (lamp light) 



  1. Saw your post on soompi! I think it looks super natural :)
    What are the lashes you are using?

  2. I ordered these off Klenspop. First time lens user :) So excited to get them, they look so natural.

  3. Hi !
    I'm just wearing some generic lashes that I bought from Vietnam a while back.

  4. I hope you like them as much as I did! :)

  5. love them! They look super natural :D