REVIEW: Lens Village

I recently bought these 3 pairs of contacts from Lens Village, they're my third purchase from the online store. Lens Village ships from Singapore and are "one of the largest circle lens store" selling "100% authentic [KFDA approved Korean] lenses". I also read through the FAQs and return and refunds before I purchase anything from sites.

Lens ordered: Puffy 3 Tones Brown, Geo Grang Grang Choco and Geo Tri Color Gray.
Date ordered: 12/12/13
Date shipped: 17/12/13
Date arrived: 07/01/14 (but picked up from the post office on 08/01/14, had to sign for it)

Standard registered shipping to Australia was a flat rate of $4.50 USD, which is good compared to other stores where they charge per pair. They offer free standard shipping on orders over $50. It took the full estimated 15 business days to arrive, I thought it would've been more delayed seeing how close it was to Christmas. Although the other times that I ordered from them, in particular my second time, it only took 6 business days to arrive, but that was back in June 2013.

The Puffy 3 Tones Brown came in a Belita vial which made me a bit suspicious, because when I ordered the grey pair last year it arrived in a DollyEye vial. It also states that on their website, though it's manufactured by Dueba, it's labelled under DollyEye. I emailed them about the discrepancy and they got back to me within 24 hours.

Hi Tran,

Thank you for your mail. Belita Soft Contact Lens is under Dueba and they are actually the same manufacturer. We can also ensure that all the lenses in our store are authentic and imported from Korea. Thus, the lenses are safe to wear.

If there is anything else please let me know as I am more than happy to help.
Have a nice day =)

Thank you

Double checked on Soompi where someone told me that Dueba is known for letting suppliers buy their lens and
re-label them. So that was a bit more reassuring...

Seeing as it's my third purchase from Lens Village, I'm definitely happy with their customer service and somewhat fast shipping (give or take depending when you order). They have good sales every now and then, plus there's always someone's promo/coupon code floating around the internet for a 10% discount. Oh, you also receive a free cute animal lens case with every purchase.


All wrapped up
Puffy 3 Tones Brown / Geo Grang Grang Choco / Geo Tri Color Gray
Geo anti-fake sticker
Geo Tri Color Gray
Puffy 3 Tones Brown in the Belita vial
Puffy 3 Tones Brown
Geo Grang Grang Choco


  1. Please do a review on the tri colour grey and grang grang choco! I'm looking into purchasing them :)

  2. Haha yes I will do a review on Grang Grang Choco soon because you asked so nicely. I haven't opened the Tri Colour Grey yet, so that might come up in several weeks time.

  3. Belita is safe, do you have any problem with them? I want to know because I bought belita lenses

  4. Hi,
    I didn't have any problems with them, but if you're unsure, contact the company where you purchased them from, and talk to them about it.