I contemplated for about 2 months before purchasing these lenses from KPOP2. The majority of the reviews on/about the website that I came across were sponsored / a bit glossed over.

KPOP2 is based in South Korea selling KFDA approved circle lenses and false eye lashes. Lenses start from $10.99 USD and offer free registered shipping on orders over $80, otherwise it's $8–$12 for registered shipping.

To be honest, I was a little suspicious since these lenses were relatively cheap compared to other websites. I also have never heard of some of the brands they stock. So I did a bit of research on the brands and nothing came up on Google besides sponsored reviews, I eventually came across a naver blog with various links/reviews on these brands and contact lenses (all in korean, which reassured me a bit).

I think these lenses are only available in the Korean market with the exception of Korean online based stores like KPOP2 which ships them out. (I wasn't able to find Monet Brown or Smoky Black on the English Neo Vision site, but was able to find them listed on the Korean site.)

Lens ordered: Shiny Dali Brown, Neo Vision Monet Brown, Neo Vision Smoky Black
Shipping cost: $9 USD

Date ordered: 15/02/14
Date shipped: 18/02/14
Date arrived: 03/03/14
Total working days from date ordered: 11 days

It arrived in a bright pink padded satchel. Was I overcharged on shipping? It only costed them 6270 KWN ($6.50 AUD). 11 working days isn't too bad, but it felt like forever since I ordered it on a Saturday.

Will I shop on KPOP2 again? I still have 8 unopened pairs of lenses, so I'm in no rush to buy more. But maybe if someone wants to spend $80+ on contact lenses with me, the exchange rate is just awful at the moment.
Maybe. Not likely. Customer service can be frustrating. It's up to you, if you want to take the risk with them like I did.


UPDATE 08/03/14

I just noticed there was a defect amongst one of my Shiny Dali lenses. It's not immersed in saline solution like the other lenses (lack of air bubble). I've emailed KPOP2 about this and now waiting for their reply. 

UPDATE 10/03/14

They replied to my email and weren't very helpful at all. 
Dear Tran Huyen Ngo 
Thank you for contact kpop2. Circle lenses be folded sometimes.
But it is a ok No problem. If you have a question, contact us. 
Thank you! :)
I emailed them back as the issue was that there's absolutely no saline solution in the lens capsule at all due to poor quality control. They emailed back with:
Dear Tran Huyen Ngo 
OK! We are understand. If you purchase again, we will be discount $4.
And please writing "customer notes". 
Thank you! :)
I can't, seriously no. $4 doesn't even cover shipping and they're trying to get me to buy more lens instead of trying to resolve this. Other online shops that I've shopped at would replace the item free of charge (ASOS, so many times). So I emailed them bluntly saying that I'm not purchasing another pack because I received a faulty lens and that in selecting "yes" to "free insurance" on their website would mean that they would be replacing these lens, and I would be sending my pack back to them. Waiting for a reply, update soon.

UPDATE 13/03/14

They finally agreed to send replacement lens...
Dear Tran Huyen Ngo 

OK! We are understand. We send again your new Shiny Dali brown. -1.00
Please send to me your wrong shiny dali brown.
And send to me your post office billing photo. Are you ok?
So I lodged the contact lens today and sent them the receipt asking them to cover the shipping cost, which most stores will do when you're returning a faulty item (not when you have a change of mind). Due to their lack of proficiency in English, I don't think they understood because they didn't say anything about it when they replied.
Dear Tran Huyen Ngo 
OK! Thank you for your kindness.
If we receive your circle lens, contact to you. 
Have a nice day! :)
They didn't let me know if they've sent the replacement so I had to email them. #ughcantdealwiththisanymore  
Dear Tran Huyen Ngo 
Thank you for contact kpop2.
Your new circle lenses send today! :)
And We check into the case. It is a problem. Don't worry!
Neo Shiny Dali Brown, 12EA, 7days /weekly contact lenses/ 13.5mm
If you have a problem, contact us. We want happy with you. 
Thank you, have a nice day! :)  
"It is a problem"?? I hope that's just a typo... Ah, they sent me another one...
And we send free Dali Brown -1/-1
Total: 2 products. (Shiny Dali + Dali Brown) 
Thank you, have a nice day! :)  
I guess "[they] want happy with [me]". I will probably receive the lenses in the next week or so... I will update when I do. 

UPDATE 21/03/14

So my replacement lens arrived earlier than I thought they would. I noticed that the bag wasn't padded this time and I could feel something sharp underneath. The Shiny Dali box was soaked in solution from the broken Dali Brown vials they they didn't bother to wrap but just stuck sticky tape across the two vials. I'm so disappointed and upset at them, especially because I spent nearly $60AUD and this is the customer service I receive, whereas others (bloggers) who spent nothing and just have hundreds of followers received much better serviced than I did. It's so ridiculous. 

UPDATE 25/03/14

I thought I should update this post one last time. I emailed them a few days ago when I received the broken lens, sent them photos etc. They emailed me back with:
Dear Tran Huyen Ngo
I am sorry! We make a problem.
If you order next time, we send again your free circle lens.

Thank you, have a nice day! :)
I wrote back saying thanks, but after the frustrating experience, I wouldn't want to go through the process again. I also included the review I wrote for the Monet Brown lens. Honestly, I didn't expect a reply from them...
Dear Tran Huyen Ngo
Thank you for your review.
And we send again your new dali brown circle lens. (-1, 1 piece)
If you have a question, contact us.
We want happy with you. Thank you! :)
I laughed when I read this, it feels like bad break up, doesn't it? And I'm somewhat confused - I don't know how to go about it, (because I thought they wanted me to buy more in order to redeem free lens?) but umm thanks..? 
Well, their motto is "We want happy with you"; Although I'm not exactly "happy" with their communication and service, I did receive my (replacement) lens at the end of all this drama. If you do decided to order from them, please take caution.  

Shiny Dali Brown / Neo Vision Monet Brown / Neo Vision Smoky Black

Smoky Black
Monet Brown
Shiny Dali Brown

UPDATE 08/03/14

UPDATE 21/03/14


  1. Oh no, that's terrible about the contact lens defect :/ Such poor customer service too -- when I write an email to a retailer, I expect them to have professional and well-written replies. It would be so much more beneficial for KPOP2 to just send a replacement than simply offer a meagre $4 discount; who would want to repurchase again after their lack of help? Mistakes and defects happen all the time, but as long as it's resolved, it's ok, but KPOP2 is not properly fixing the problem! :( Hope you have a better experience with them with their next reply!

    ♥ Michelle/MICHALOGY

  2. One of my lenses were defective and they wanted to send it through my "next order" and told me that shipping cost was too expensive. :| Then I saw your review and decided to get a refund. So much for the "free insurance". I personally think they should treat both their sponsees and customers equally. Afterall, a business is nothing without their customers.

  3. Hi Joanne,
    thanks for dropping by.

    That's so ridiculous of them to say that shipping cost was "too expensive"—
    when they clearly ship all these free lenses to the people they sponsor.
    I'm glad to hear that you were able to get a refund for yours! I know now if something like this were to happen again with another site, to open up a paypal dispute.

  4. Hi there,
    Thanks for your review. So in your opinion is this site safe or not? I came across it too and ordered two pairs but was wary because of the price too! The lenses seem legit to me I suppose?

  5. Hi there,
    Safe as in safe to buy from or the lenses safe to wear? The lenses I received were legit, I think they're only available on the Korean market—all the info on the vials are in Korean. If you do searches on naver you'll mostly likely come across Korean blog reviews on them. The prices do seem cheap, but when you add the shipping to it, they're approx the same as other (more reputable) sites but lack the good customer service.

  6. Hello, thanks for your reply. I was more concerned about theauthenticity of the lenses. I only ordered the same ones I always purchased from other sites so they weren't unfamiliar brands. One good thing was even though I ordered two pairs, the shipping was still $8 - same ship price as one pair.