New Toy: Canon 70D

Seeing the stacks of DSRL in Costco catalysed my wants for upgrading especially after the (ugh) year I've had. Although I really should be saving for my imaginary trip to Europe...

After a few weeks of research and listing pros and cons I finally bought a Canon EOS 70D, (fully) upgrading from Winston, my Pentax K-x. Was thinking about the Nikon D5200, but felt it was redundant to buy another entry level, Father wanted me to get another Pentax, since bodies are tank and durable plus we've already got a few lens at home. With my budget, it was a toss up between Canon EOS 70D and Nikon D7100, most of the review sites tied them, it depended on the specs wanted and needed in a camera. I think if I wanted to just purely take photos, I would've definitely gotten the Nikon but there's an itch in me that wants to do videos and vlogs and with Canon's flip out screen, STM (silent) lens and Dual Pixel CMOS AF it pretty much wins for me. 

Spent a good weekend going in stores and looking at competitive prices online and decided that it was best for me to buy local at DigiDIRECT (came with 2 year warranty + cash back) since I didn't want to risk buying it on grey market stores... DigiDIRECT had a special offer; camera bag + monopod, but since I already had a camera bag, I asked if I could switch it for a UV filter instead. They also gave me free 50 prints for 12 months. eBay/grey market online shops were about $100 cheaper, but if there's something wrong with the camera, then I would have to have it shipped to Hong Kong for inspections etc.

Handed Winston over to Father, I will definitely miss the AA battery component of it, didn't have to worry about flat batteries when going out because you can just pop in store and buy some more, or bring an abundant of rechargeable ones. I have to remember to buy more battery packs + accessory after Christmas. I'm still learning the Canon system, can't begin to talk about how much faster this camera is and playing with the auto focus when videoing makes me excited, and I can take photos via my smart phone via wifi #OMG. Only thing is that it is quite heavy 750g+

In keeping with tradition of naming my inanimate objects, I've decided to call this camera Atticus. 


PS: A helpful guide to buying your first DSRL

Canon EOS 70D + 18-135mm IS STM

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