A couple of weeks ago, I was fed up with contemplating about when I should get my hair cut and finally, after a tiny bit of hesitation, called up my best friend (during Semi-Permanent) and asked her to book us appointments. For a few years now I've been going to the same hair dresser, a low key home salon, this time I wanted to try something different. 

We went to Aqua Hair & Beauty Therapy in Glen Waverly, I've never been to a large salon or had a cut with a girlfriend before so it was quite the experience (I think it's owned by Koreans?). Started off with a wash, I always feel a little bit awkward when people wash my hair. My stylist for the cut was Ted, he was sweet, I did have a little bit of trouble understanding him though. I showed him photos of Zooey Deschanel and Lily Collins, he looked at me asking if I was sure it was what I wanted. I just thought of those other girls with mermaid long hair who just come in for 1-3 cm trims and then just cry when it's like 5 cm +. I told him to "Just cut off all the ombre" which was about 25 cm + (I've had it for nearly a year now, so I'm quite over it). I was advised that layering all around wouldn't look good since I have straight hair, but he did it a little bit at the front. My fringe is still in the awkward stage were it's a little bit short, but I'm really happy how it turned out. Not to mention how much healthier it is now!

I recently dyed my hair black, it was going to be another 2 years before all my regrowth grew out (12 cms in 10 months is a bit slow...).  Mother was a bit shocked at how unnatural it looks, but I reckon I'm rocking a Snow White vibe.


Last selfie with long hair, sad face. 
If I didn't tie my hair when I went to sleep,  I would wake up with horrible bed hair.

Snip snip

Mermaid hair : bye bye mermaid hair

I thought I'ld dye my hair at home. This is my favourite hair dye brand, and they've recently redesigned their packaging.
Thanks Cindy for some of the snaps!

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