I reckon there's something about black and white stripes with denim that gives off a 90s vibe... Being a 90s baby, I was brought up in denim jeans and jackets, I know, but I rarely wear denim these days.

I recently bought a pair of red Jelly Beans from Lunar Store. Been meaning to get them sooner, but they feel like summer shoes and with Melbourne's summer playing hide and seek I thought it would be best now. They're not as comfortable as I imagined. I bought a snug 36, though I'm a 37, it had too much room at the front. Since they're plastic, I'm not sure if they'll "mould" to my feet, but I had bought a couple of plastic floral wedges last year in Vietnam which are quite comfortable now after a few wears. I guess I'll just see how they go, I really do want a black pair though.


Wearing: Dress: Glamorous. Shoes: Jelly Beans. Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs. Bag:  Bardot. Thanks Stephanie for the outfit snaps!

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