Bleu d'hiver

Friday was one of those days where Melbourne couldn't decide whether it wanted to be warm or cold. But rainy mornings and sunday evenings is just how it goes. I haven't taken outfit photos since 2010, there was a time drew them instead, so please excuse any herp derpness.

It was finally good to get out of the house, besides for submissions and gelato and a chance to wear my new vagabond shoes (omg Swedish love), it had gotten to the point where I started to wear my good and new jumpers at home because one: I accepted the fact that I'm going to be #foreveralone and two: one day I'll be a #crazycatlady.

Hopefully I'll be out of this so called rut and back in to routine this week.
Commencing work, gym and reading books (again) this week.


Wearing: Duffle Jacket: Asos. Pinafore Dress: Valley Girl. Shoes: Vagabond. Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs. Bag: ASOS. Thanks Cindy for the outfit snaps!

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