Tools of the trade; macbook air, (1 of 14 pairs of glasses) Cherry Red Minsk bespecd,
Parker fountain pen, Moleskine, Nintendo 3DS, Sony Xperia S

Oh hey there,

after taking several months off from blogging, I wanted return with a completely new and different type of blog.
Public personal blogging had its moments, but I thought I was starting to over share with incomprehensible sentences.

I was so close to naming this blog Theodore Huxley, or Noir Perle but in the end HYNTRN stuck and it looks good on paper . It's short for my Vietnamese name Huyền Trân (roughly translate to black pearl) and it's pronounce something on the line of huu-wing trun. But I go by English pronunciation of Tran haha.

I'm a 20-something year old communication design student / junior graphic designer (currently on industry placement). Curiousity never killed me. I collect various things including: Popular Penguin books, optical frames and I tend to hoard anything that I think is well designed, it's good to have a stash of references and inspiration that's none digital!  A quirky ambivert would be a good way to describe me!

Lately I've been buying one too many products and eating at quirky restaurants, so I thought it would be fun to document these. I'm also on an adventure to find the best chai latte in Melbourne! So if you're interested, please hang around for some product, website and chai latte reviews, snaps of food, and design & crafts related D.I.Y !


Edit: Has now changed to Theodore Nightingale (Seriously have a thing for the name Theodore - will definitely name my son Theodore haha). As good as HYNTRN looks on paper, it would've been a mouthful of wrong pronunciations.  Plus also stems from my initials T. N.

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